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Massage Therapy

Our massage services include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone & Fashion Ash style massages. Each style is offered in a 30, 55 or 90 minute session!


Happy Feet : A wonderful opportunity to experience relief from the core components of our body: Our feet! Get to the root cause of back pain, headaches, lethargy & improve your emotional and psychical energy with 40 minute session focused on your feet. Hot stones, cups, reflexology and Nrf2 Salves make this and intensely satisfying session!


Four Corners : Take relaxation further with our Happy Feet focus, to include your hands and head. Our hands go through so much stress on a daily basis, from texting, computer work, writing and stress gripping, and yet we often forget these muscles need love too! End your session with a style of head massage learned on a trip to western China! With 40 minutes blending mixed methods of Cranial Sacral, traditional hold release & homeopathic oils meant to entrance the senses and release tension, this is bound to become your next favorite indulgence!


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